ARUM Pre-milled Blank

Ti 6AI-4V ELI (Grade 5) Supplied by Germany
More than 500 implant connections
Included 2 clinical screws
Precision machined up to ±5μm
Easy to mill

2 Screws

One for Milling & One for Clinic
Same as the original screw design


Compare the space around the screw on ARUM with other companies. The black areas show the space.
Other Company A
Other Company B
Other Company Z


ARUM Pre-milled Blank
having high precision?

The precise seating of the restoration with minimal and regular gap of around the screw has a decisive effect on the lifetime of the implant. Less gap and accurate fitting prevent the worst outcome the restoration comes out from patient mouth caused by loosing of the screw.
10 Ø                            14 Ø
In order to ensure possible variability,
two types of diameter are available, 10Ø and 14Ø
Optimal and untouchable interface area
will give you high precise result and quality.

"Save your time and budget, make your quality highter!"